References to Giants in the Bible

We'll look at over a dozen different references to Giants in the Bible. Some you have heard. Others, maybe not.

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Giants in Writings of the First Century

Giants are mentioned in the ancient literature of the time surrounding the First Century, A.D. Historians, thankfully, recorded the verbal stories of the Giants from the religions of the time.

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Giant Skeletons Discovered in North America

Skeletons of Giants have been found all over the world. But did you know that in America, there have been hundreds of Giant bones found all over the country. The early settlers and pioneers in America recorded many of these stories for us to read.

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We Have the Evidence

You may have heard someone say something about Giants, but never have considered how much evidence there is for them in the world.

The evidence really is overwhelming. From history books, to journals of explorers, to Holy Scriptures and Prophecy, to literal bones and skulls of Giants over 12 feet tall. The evidence is enormous, and more common than you may think.

This site strives to grow into an exhaustive compendium of evidence from all these sources and more, of the true existence of Giants in our ancient, and not-so-ancient history.


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