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Why don't Christian teachers teach about Giants, since they are in the Bible?

This is a great question. The answer can only be speculation, however I have direct experience teaching about Giants from the Bible. In my experience it is a scary thing to get up in front of a room of peers and teach something that you are sure at least 75% won't understand or agree with. So I would say that fear is the biggest deterrent for those who know and understand the Giant narrative correctly. Ignorance is likely the lion's share - pastors and teachers don't know enough about the Bible and the passages dealing with Giants to teach it.

Why does science ignore the fact that Giants once roamed the earth?

Because the history of the Giants conflicts directly with the Theory of Evolution, science won't take the topic on. In fact, for decades the directors of the Smithsonian Institute worked hard to cover up all discoveries of artifacts and bones related to the Giants, for fear that they would have to wrestle with this fact in the public sphere. It would be quite an embarrassment. So there is a divide in science on this topic, to the present day.