Giants in the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls is actually hundreds of scrolls and fragments of scrolls and papyrus, found in caves near the Dead Sea in Qumran. There are some fragments and scrolls that confirm the history of the Giants.

The Dead Sea Scrolls is full of amazing information. It confirms our Bible and includes many many other great writings from before Christ.

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The Book of the Giants

There is a set of fragments of scrolls that are referred to as “The Book of Giants”. It is quite fragmented, so there are gaps and words that were missing or unreadable, but here are some of the most interesting ones.

…they knew the secrets of … sin was great in the earth … and they killed many … they begat giants.

1Q23 Frag. 9 + 14 + 15

… they defiled …. they begot giants and monsters … they begot, and, behold, all the earth was corrupted … with its blood and by the hand of … giant’s which did not suffice for them and … and they were seeking to devour many … the monsters attacked it.

4Q531 Frag. 2

… flesh … all … monsters … will be … they would arise … lacking in true knowledge … because … the earth grew corrupt … mighty … … they were considering … … from the angels upon … … in the end it will perish and die … … they caused great corruption in the earth … … this did not suffice to … they will be …

4Q532 Col. 2 Frags. 1 – 6

The Giant Ohya Speaks

Here in Fragment 1 of 4Q531, a Giant named Ohya is actually speaking about his conquests over human opponents, and his wickedness. He is relating a dream or vision he had about God’s judgment that is coming against the Giants… the Flood of Noah.

“… I am a giant, and by the mighty strength of my arm and my own great strength … anyone mortal, and I have made war against them; but I am not … able to stand against them, for my opponents … reside in Heaven, and they dwell in the holy places. And not … they are stronger than I. … of the wild beast has come, and the wild man they call me. …” Then Ohya (the Giant) said to him, “I have been forced to have a dream … the sleep of my eyes vanished, to let me see a vision. Now I know that on … … Gilgamesh …”

4Q531 Frag. 1

Book of Enoch, 4Q201

Fragments of the Book of Enoch are included in the Dead Sea Scrolls, here is the segment that mentions the human counterparts of the fallen angels bearing Giant children.

These and their chiefs took for themselves wives from all those whom they chose and they began to go in to them and defile themselves with them and to teach them sorcery and magic … And they became pregnant by them and bore giants …

4Q201 Frag. 1

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