Giants in the Talmud

Harold T. Wilkins (article “Giants in the Earth” in January 1952, book “Secret Cities of Old South America”)

A truly amazing corroboration of the dentition of these antediluvian giants of ancient America is found in the Hulin section of the Berakthoth, or Babylonian Talmud, where it is said the giants, before the Great Deluge, had numerous rows of teeth! The old compilers of the Hulin can hardly be said to have heard of this California find! The Hulin tells us that these giants had feet 18 ells long, and ate one thousand oxen, horses, and camels each day.

Article, Giants in the Earth, Jan 1952

Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906:

Some of these giants had feet 18 ells in length (Deut. R. i.), and the same length is given for the thigh-bone (Buber, “Tanhuma,” Debarim, addition 7). Numerous rows of teeth are also ascribed to them (Hul. 60a). They were very voracious, eating as many as a thousand oxen, horses, and camels each day (Midrash Abkir).

Buber, “Tanhuma,” Debarim, addition 7; Midrash Abkir

Midrash Abkir — which itself is a weird discussion of the fallen angels

Jason Colavito:

According to Jewish lore, the first inhabitants of Palestine were giants, specifically the Anakim and the Rephaim. Therefore, extra-biblical sources claimed that the other early inhabitants of Palestine were related to these two giant tribes and must therefore have been giants themselves. Consequently, the Avvim of Deuteronomy 2:23 were assigned a relationship to the Rephaim. According to the Genesis Raba 26:7, the Avvim were one of seven groups of “mighty men of old,” the giants of Genesis 6:4, and the Avvim brought the world to ruin.

Jason Colavito

All of this background is necessary to understand why anyone would connect Chullin 60b to giants when it is actually talking about the Avvim. Here is what the text actually says, speaking of the Avvim: “R. Joseph said: Every one of them had sixteen rows of teeth” (Epstein’s English trans. of the Talmud).

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